Getting creative

Oftentimes, when you are given an assignment, it is for an event that you may find boring. Wether it is a city council meeting, or a local shop opening it can be difficult to find creative shots that not only tell a story, but be interesting enough for a story. The easiest way for a new photojournalist to get those shots is to get creative.

Getting creative is something that gets tossed around a lot in any visual medium.  But too often there is a push to constantly think “outside the box”. To push the boundaries of what has been done, to do something drastically different then what people have done for years. The problem with this is, often times in attempting to do something radically different you end up with a product that is just….bad.

There are conventions for a reason. Things work, and we know they work because they have been successful for years. So I recommend instead, “thinking inside the box”. This doesn’t mean that as a photographer you need to take the same photo that everyone else is doing, however it does mean think about the objective of a photo.

If the story for the photo is about inappropriate media content in schools, think about how you visually want to display that. Look at what others have done to represent this topic for inspiration. Look at a lot of peoples work, ask others what they think of visually when they hear a your topic. Get input from others, then work off of what you’ve learned.

Now that you have an idea of what visually conveys the idea you want now you can get creative within those boundaries. You have created your own little box to work in. This box will provide the guidelines for your shots

The difference between photojournalism and photography is  that photojournalism has a purpose. It has a story to tell, and working within the box can and will help you to take incredible photos.


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