Can I be here? Know your rights.

One of the biggest issues that new photojournalists can face is where they are legally allowed to be when taking photographs. When I first started photojournalism, I was always worried about taking a photo of someone being arrested, or of a car crash, any place where I might have to interact with police officers scared me. And it wasn’t that I was scared of the police, but because I was worried that I might take a photo of something I was not allowed to photograph.


So first thing is first, if you are on public land you can take photographs. If at anytime you are worried about where you are at, double check that you are on a public sidewalk, street, or land. If you are one one of these you are guaranteed safety as a photographer. If the public is allowed to be there and take photos with their phones, then you should also be able to be there.

firefighter-extinguish-fire-extinction-48125If for instance you were at a car crash, you can take photos of the crash from the sidewalks, and not receive any legal issues.

If you are in these public areas and can see things with your camera even on private property you are able to photograph that as well. It may be less ethical, but it is not illegal.

Additionally police officers do not have the right to delete your photos or ask you to delete your photos at any time.  Know your rights, and make sure that you stay with in the law to get the photo!


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